Why Us?

Our Savior Lutheran School offers education in the light of Scripture. As Lutheran Christians we believe in the dignity, worth, and potential of every person, now and for eternity. Each human being, though a sinner, is beloved by God, redeemed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and therefore, precious to us. Furthermore, we believe that life has a purpose – to serve our Lord and our fellow human beings.

We live in troubled times. The constant erosion of values, the deterioration of the family, and the dehumanization of people plague our nation. We believe that a Lutheran education is an important part of the solution to the problems parents face in the world today.

We are grounded in a tradition of academic excellence. For over 60 years Our Savior Lutheran School has taken education seriously. We believe that now, as in the past, our school has an essential contribution to make – a vital role to play.

Our Savior Lutheran School

  • forms a caring, supporting community for students
  • encourages strong home-church-school partnerships
  • helps students develop healthy peer groups
  • teaches students Christian values
  • teaches students skills necessary for productive lives of service to God and neighbor
  • encourages and develops a student’s interest in music and art
  • emphasizes the importance of good health and physical fitness.

Sporting events, musical performances, and drama coached and directed by the teaching staff and parents provide consistent application of the practical classroom instruction. Graduates from Our Savior go on to perform at the top of their classes, academically, on sports teams, and in drama, band, and orchestra activities. Your child will carry the valuable lessons learned at Our Savior Lutheran School for a lifetime.