Kindergarten at Our Savior Lutheran School is a daily routine in a Christian setting where each child is loved, respected and accepted, and in turn, each child learns to love, respect, and accept those around him/her.

The teaching/learning in the classroom is child oriented with a combination teacher led, teacher facilitated atmosphere. Centers are part of the curriculum. An academic, developmental balance is the goal for our kindergarten.

Through many rich and varied experiences the OSLS kindergarten curriculum promotes growth for the social, emotional, creative, spiritual, and intellectual development of each child.


Classroom Letter     March 14

With our Bible story of “Jesus Heals Ten Men”, we remember that God blesses us in many ways, such as healing our sicknesses and taking away our sins.  We want to become more aware of God’s goodness to us and respond in thankfulness. —- Our letter this week was the letter Gg.  New sight words:  we, my. —- On Wednesday we visited our preschool friends to hear a story. —- Texture samplers were a fun classroom art project! —- In math we wrote addition number sentences.  (We’re using counters for our addition number sentences.  Next year students will be memorizing math facts.)

Show & Tell for Thursday – free choice.

In Christ,

Chris Mc.


Classroom Letter     March 8

Our Bible story this week was The Widow’s Mite.  We learned that we should willingly give our time, talents, and treasure to Jesus, trusting that He gives us all we need. —- Our letter for most of this week was the letter Ll.  New sight words are:  see, look, God, Jesus. —- In science we’re learning about weather. —- On Thursday, Mrs. Lawrence from WMLHS visited with some fun with inclined planes.

Report cards came home today.  Check the EFN for the conference schedule for Thursday evening and Friday, March 14th and 15th.  (There is no school on Friday.)

There will be no school for kindergarten on Wednesday, March 27.  It is a readiness testing day for next year’s class.

Show & Tell for Thursday – Something that starts with the letter G.

In Christ,

Chris Mc.