5th and 6th Grade Homeroom



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Weekly Reminder

Literature Circles Calendar
Monday  Lit. Circle – Meeting
Tuesday  Lit. Circle – work time
Wednesday  Lit. Circle – Meeting
Thursday  Lit. Circle – work time
Friday  Lit. Circles – Meeting    3rd Trimester Book Report Due 05/17
 Notes  AR: 5th needs 20 points, 6th needs 27 points:

   1/2 by: April 19th 

   All by: May 31st

AR Link

3rd Trimester Book Report: Due May 17th 

Book Report Rubric/Directions


Science Chapter 11 Earth’s Resources
Monday  Ch 10  test on 5-20 5th and 6th grade Ch 10 test Notes
Thursday  Ch 11 Vocab Test on 5-23 Ch 11 Life Science List
 Notes  Ch  review due


5th Grade Math  Chapter 11
Monday  Ch 11.2 – Add decimals

 Assign 7-29 all page 285 due 5-21

Tuesday  Ch 11.3 – Subtract decimals

Assign 8-33 all pages 287-288 due 5-22

Wednesday  Ch 11.4 – More decimals

Assign 5-20 all page 291 due 5-23

Thursday  Ch 11 Test on 5-24
Friday  Ch 11.1 – Add & Subtract Decimals

Assign 7-18 page 283 due 5-20


6th Grade Math   
Monday  pg. 496, #s 5-15, 18-19
Tuesday  pg. 510, #s 1-15
Wednesday  Corrections
Thursday  pg. Review
Friday  pg. Chapter 10 Test


Monday  Ch. 9 Review
Tuesday  Ch. 9 Review
Wednesday  Ch. 9 Review
Thursday  Ch. 9 Review
Friday  Ch. 9 Test
 Notes Study for Tests (Vocab, Quizzes, Read lessons)

Vocabulary Test: 

Ch. 9 – Test: Friday, May 17th 




Verse-May 23  1 Corinthians 11:27
Catechism-May 23  Who receives this sacrament worthily?

tests will be given



Monday   Learn by Heart (in cursive) – Due 05/17
Tuesday   Learn by Heart (in cursive) – Due 05/17
Wednesday   Learn by Heart (in cursive) – Due 05/17
Thursday   Learn by Heart (in cursive) – Due 05/17
Friday   Learn by Heart (in cursive) – Due 05/17
 Needs to be written in cursive.


Spelling Unit        
Monday Pre-Test: 05/13
Thursday  Book Due: 05/16
Friday  Test: 05/17
 Notes 5: Spelling work/tests are all completed in cursive.

6: Spelling work/tests are all completed in cursive.

Spelling Word List


  5th Grade Grammar  
Monday  pg.
Tuesday  pg. 250,#s 1-16
Wednesday  pg.
Thursday  pg.
 Friday  pg.
 Notes  *English Papers are due the following day.


  6th Grade Grammar   
Monday  pg.
Tuesday  pg.
Wednesday  pg.
Thursday  pg.
 Friday  pg.