About Us

Our Mission Statement
Our Savior Lutheran School operates as a discipling agency of Our Savior Lutheran Church assisting parents with their God-given responsibility of providing children a Christian education. The School’s first priority is to proclaim Christ and to teach a thorough understanding of Holy Scripture according to the Lutheran confessions. The second priority is to develop God-given talents through high academic standards enabling each graduate to live confidently a holy and full life in Christian witness and service.

Our School
Through Jesus Christ, God has not only saved us from our sins, but has also called us into a fellowship of believers where we can learn the purpose of life and receive the support to fulfill that purpose. We are called by a caring God to be caring people. One way we live out this calling is in supporting our educational program through direct, personal commitment and involvement. This becomes a two-fold blessing. It blesses parents and teachers with the fulfillment and personal enrichment of doing what we are called to do, and it blesses students who are cared for with the support needed for healthy spiritual, mental, and physical growth.

Teachers, teaching assistants, staff and parents focus on each child as an individual created in God’s image and loved by God. Teachers instill a positive, loving work ethic grounded in the truth of Christian scripture and use a solid curriculum to focus on each student’s mastery of core competencies in each subject area. Our Savior School is a fully accredited institution with all teachers holding teaching degrees and a majority holding Master’s Degrees. The school also staffs a resource room with a fully trained resource teacher who is available to all students who need assistance. All students are exposed to music, choir, band, field trips, and educational opportunities. Activities such as sports and drama productions are offered as after-school programs.

Our Location and Facility
Our Savior Lutheran School is convenient to families in the Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, and Forest Hills school districts. The school is situated on six acres of property. In addition to the school’s seven classrooms, there are library, kitchen, and gymnasium facilities. Outdoor facilities include a large playground with equipment, a soccer field, and a softball field.