Each student should receive a handbook at the beginning of the year that contains all guidelines and policies for the current school year. Download and print from the link below or request a copy in the school office.

Download the Handbook

Handbook Excerpts

The several sections of the handbook have been split up under general headings. Not everything has been listed, but many of the basics are included. Contact the office or principal if to answer more specific questions.
School Closings
Supplies and Clothing
Arrival and Departure


Please notify the school office at 949-0710 any time your child will be absent. There is no reduction in tuition for absences.


Our Savior Preschool and its staff exercise principles of Christian love when
disciplining children. Only positive methods of discipline are used, encouraging self-control, self-direction, self-esteem, and cooperation.

Under no circumstances will any staff member punish a child by hitting, shaking, pinching, or inflicting any form of corporal punishment. Neither may a staff member restrict a child’s movement by binding or tying the child. Also prohibited is the inflicting of mental or emotional punishment, such as humiliating, shaming, or threatening a child. No child will be confined to an
enclosed area, such as a closet, locked room, box, or similar cubicle.

When necessary, to prevent a child from harming self, others, or property, non-severe discipline or restraint may be used such as physically holding the child until self-control is regained. Should the teacher and director determine that a child is unable to adjust to the preschool program, the child may be discharged upon one week’s notification from the administration.

Positive reinforcement is used consistently in each class. Our staff believes that recognizing and praising appropriate behavior encourages that behavior. When a child conducts him/herself in an undesirable manner, the behavior and its consequences are briefly discussed and he/she is redirected to an alternative activity.

If necessary, we may use a “sit and watch” or a “time out” method. The child will be instructed to sit at the edge of the other children’s activities and watch for a few brief moments. Proper behavior is then discussed and the child is invited to rejoin the group.

Health Policy

Our Savior Preschool staff will maintain a healthy school environment in the following ways:

    1. Snacks will meet USDA nutritional guidelines.
    2. Hand washing:
      • Signs are posted at each sink with instructions for hand washing.
      • All staff, volunteers, and children will wash their hands with soap and water at the following times (as applicable):
        1. The start of the day, before children arrive.
        2. Before preparing or eating snacks
        3. After using restroom, caring for sick children or contact with bodily fluids.
        4. Children will wash hands with soap and water before snack and after using restroom.
    3. Handling children’s bodily fluids – Staff will follow the standard precautions for child care recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in handling any fluid that might contain blood or other body fluids. Standard precautions require treating all blood, fluids that may contain blood or blood products, and other bodily fluids as potentially infectious.
      1. Spills of body fluids, feces, nasal and eye discharges, saliva, urine and vomit will be cleaned up immediately.
      2. Clean and disinfect any surfaces, such as countertops and floors, or toys on to which the fluids have spilled – using a three step cleaning method: clean with detergent, rinse with water, and disinfect with approved disinfectant.
      3. Discard fluid contaminated material in double plastic bags that have been securely sealed.
      4. Clothing or other items to be sent home with a child will be wrapped and closed in a plastic bag.
      5. Other staff may need to be brought into the room to assist in the supervision of children while this is taking place.
    4. Tables will be cleaned after each use with a three – step cleaning method – clean, rinse, and disinfect. Toys will be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected semi annually and as needed.


    1. Illness
      1. During school day – A child that is too ill to remain with the group will be placed in a separate area where he or she may be comfortably cared for and supervised until the parent or guardian can come and pick up the child.
      2. Please keep your child at home if any of the following symptoms are present.
        1. A temperature of 100 degrees or higher (temperature must be normal for 24 hours before returning to school.)
        2. Diarrhea
        3. Vomiting
        4. Any rash that may be contagious
        5. Any other contagious condition (e.g. strep throat and pink eye require 24 hours of prescription medication prior to returning to school, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.)
      3. Health and Family Resources:
        1. Kent County Health Department
          700 Fuller Avenue NE, Grand
          Rapids, MI 49503
          phone: (616) 632-7100
        2. Baxter Wholistic Health Clinic
          935 Baxter St Se,
          Grand Rapids, MI 49506,
          phone: (616) 456-5310

Emergency Medical Care/Medication
At the time of admission, written permission for necessary first aid or emergency medical care is required. In addition, the parent or guardian will agree to pay all expenses incurred due to any emergency involving the child and will hold blameless Our Savior Preschool, the Board and Teacher/Director for any actions taken therein.

No medication or medical procedure will be given or applied without prior
written permission from the parent. Prescription medication must have the
pharmacy label indicating the physician’s name, the child’s name, instructions, and the name and strength of the medication and will be given only in accordance with these instructions.

Weather/School Closings

During times of inclement weather, parents have the option to come early to pick up their children. In the event of a tornado warning, children will be relocated to the basement at the end of the preschool hallway. Our Savior Preschool’s closings, both scheduled and unscheduled, coincide with those of Our Savior Lutheran School. Parents should listen to local radio stations, watch the scroll on local TV stations, or visit those stations web sites to learn when school is canceled for snow or other inclement weather.


Daily classroom snacks are to be provided by the parents of the class and the school. A monthly calendar will be provided by the classroom teacher showing who is responsible for the snack each day of class. Birthdays will be scheduled as part of the regular snack rotation. Parents will notify the teacher of food allergies. The teacher will in turn notify the parents in each class of food allergies. Please keep snacks nutritious and simple, preferably unopened and prepackaged. Exceptions will be made for birthday treats.

Below are some suggestions:
Goldfish or other crackers
Animal cookies
Microwave popcorn
Raisins or other fruit
Baby carrots with dip
Yogurt cups

Juice or milk is also appreciated. Special treats for birthdays are fine. Leftovers will be saved and used another day unless parents request that they be returned. We appreciate your assistance.

Supplies and Clothing

Personal Belongings
Parents are asked to see that children do not bring personal belongings to the preschool. The preschool is not responsible for any article that is brought from home.

Supplies & Clothing
Children should bring a backpack or book bag each day for carrying items to and from school. This should be large enough to hold a folder the size of this handbook.

We recommend that each child keep a pair of gym shoes here at school for play in the gym. The shoes do not have to be new, however the soles must be cleaned free of pebbles and dirt. In the winter, these may then be worn when children take off their boots. If no gym shoes are here, children should bring a pair of shoes or slippers to wear when they take off their boots. Snow boots are not appropriate footwear for play activities in the classroom. The best clothes to wear to school are comfortable play clothes which the children can fasten and unfasten by themselves.

Children will be going outside as weather permits so please dress them accordingly.
We recommend that children keep a change of clothes (pants, underwear, socks) in their backpacks or at school in case of spills or accidents. All clothing should be marked and brought in a plastic bag. If a child needs a change of clothes and has no spare clothing, the parents may be contacted to pick up the child or bring a change of clothes.

Arrival and Departure
Please do not drop off your child before 9:25 am or 12:40, and pick up your child promptly at the end of each class session. If an emergency arises and you will be late in picking up your child, please notify the school office, 949-0710. Transportation is the responsibility of the parents. Children should arrive and depart from the front entrance of the school. Please park in the parking lot – not in the front circle by the door. Parents are to escort their children to their classrooms, and to come inside to pick up their children (unless other arrangements are made with the teacher.) A child may not be released to anyone except a parent or listed designee. Should it be necessary for someone
who is not listed to pick up the child, a written note or a telephone call to the school office will be required. Proper identification will be required before the child’s release.
The law requires that you do not leave your vehicle running in the school parking lot
when you are absent from it. This includes dropping off or picking up your preschooler.